The beginning

In the early 90's, in the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland, Swann (creator of Destroy District) customizes his first piece of clothing. A pristine white shirt belonging to his father.

Much too big but perfectly adapted to the Californian punk-rock look that he proudly sports and skateboarding with style and comfort. It is these two distinctive traits that will accompany him and dictate his daily choices, artistic and sartorial.

With the help of her older sister, they trace Marker's first shots. The classics of the time are starting to appear. Skulls, Bones logos and Sex Pistols, not to mention the eternal Skate or Die, destroy the authoritarian symbol of this piece of fabric.

The satisfaction of having created a unique, provocative and demanding garment will sprout the seed that will lay the foundation of Destroy District 20 years later.

Thats true

And today ?

Today, Destroy District has settled in France, more precisely in Haute-Savoie. The Marker has been replaced by a screen print carousel and a digital printer, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies have taken the place of Dad's shirt, Swann is still skateboarding (even if it's less often ) and the rebellious and infantile flame is still burning, and for a long time.

We talk about a (t-shirt) revolution

Formerly a symbol of the working class, the t-shirt has become an essential element of our wardrobes. More than just a garment, it has become a real object of claim. It reflects our personality, our belonging, our opinions. It allows you to start a conversation in a bar or give you the feeling of claiming everything that makes you a unique person.

Quality and respect

As T-shirt enthusiasts, the basics of creating Destroy District were established without even having to think about it for hours.

We offer quality apparel selected from suppliers who are members of the Fair-Wear Foundation.

We make it a point of honor that every article we offer you has been made in workshops respecting human rights and not employing children.

And as we spend 3/4 of our time in clothes that are in contact with our skin, 90% of our items are certified organic cotton.

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